September 2023

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2009:Todd Rundgren Appreciation Day 1979:Utopia on Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon
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1973:"Sons of 1984" (left track) recorded (San Francisco, CA) 1982:"Hammer In My Heart" released
2010:Rundgren Radio Birthday Bash III (Akron, OH) 1982:Todd on BBC's "Rock Hour"
1995: "NWO" & "NWO Lite" released as double CD in U.K. and Europe
2009:Rundgren Radio Birthday Bash II (Akron, OH)
2010:Todd/Healing Tour Premiere (Akron, OH) 1992:Todd with All-Starr Band on "Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon" (Las Vegas, NV)
2009:A Wizard, A True Star Live premiere (Akron, OH) 2010:ToddStock movie premiere (Muskegon, MI) 1970:"Runt" released 1973:Todd records 1000 San Francisco voices for "Sons of 1984"
1985:"A Cappella" released
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1977:"Oops! Wrong Planet" released
1980:"I Just Want To Touch You" released 1982:1st Annual UtopiaFest 1991:"The Making Of Second Wind" released 1994:World (No Order) European tour premier (Madrid, Spain)
2010:Todd interviewed by Roy Firestone (Glenside, PA) 1985:Todd at Gand Musictech (Skokie, IL) 1989:Todd's drug lecture to lawyers (Ryebrook, NY)
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1982:"Utopia" released 1986:Premier of "Crime Story" 1991:2nd Wind video clip on MTV's "Day In Rock"
1993:CD-I version of "No World Order" released by Philips 1986:Premier of "Pee Wee's Playhouse" 1951:John Griffitt "Willie" Wilcox born
1996:6th Annual Todd Rundgren Festival (Cleveland, OH) 1971:"A Long Time A Long Way To Go" released 1979:Todd on "King Biscuit"
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1980:"Deface The Music" released 1982:Utopia on Dick Clark's "Rock & Roll Remember" 1982:Todd & Roger on "Rockline"
1993:TR-i on WYSP radio (Philadelphia, PA) 1985:4th Annual UtopiaFest 1993:TR-i on WBCN radio (Boston, MA)
2008:"Arena" CD release (UK) 1995:1st Annual ToddFest/West (Sacramento, CA)
2008:"Arena" CD release (US)

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