October 2023

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1985:Todd on "David Brenner Live" radio show 1993:TR-i on VH-1's "My Generation" 1974:"Todd Rundgren's Utopia" released 1991:Hall & Oates (with Kasim) on "Arsenio Hall" 1973:"Hello It's Me" released
1991:Todd/Utopia Video Retrospective at Masonic Hall (San Francisco)
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1980:Todd & Ian Hunter benefit for John Anderson tour premier
1994:NWO Europe tour ends (Manchester, England) 1985:"A Capella" released in UK
2004:10th Annual ToddFest/West in Oakland 1975:"Another Live" released 1977:"Love Is The Answer" released
1992:Todd at benefit for Indian Treaty Council (Mountain View, CA) 1975:"Todd Rundgren's Utopia" debuts in Holland
1978:Utopia on BBC's "Rock Hour"
1993:TR-i on the Discovery Channel's "The Next Step" 1985:A Capella tour premier (Kingston, NY) 1975:Todd's debut in France (Paris)
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1993:TR-i on ABC's "In Concert" 1975:Todd's debut in Germany (Offenbach) 1989:"Up Against It" Off-Broadway opening 1978:Utopia on BBC's "Rock Hour" 1968:"Nazz" released
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1968:Nazz Day (Great Neck, NY)
1989:Nexus Night for "Up Against It" 1981:Todd on "King Biscuit"
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1989:Todd, Michele and Kasim on "Night Music"
1992:"Bang The Drum" played on Columbia Shuttle (Outer Space)
1992:Todd at CD-I Two conference (Los Angeles, CA)
1997:"With a Twist..." tour opens in San Francisco
1998:Todd at New Minds Fall Series Conference (San Francisco, CA) 1980:Todd & Roger on "Robert Klein Radio Show"
1985:Utopia's "For The Love Of Money" on "The Insiders"
1997:"With a Twist..." tour at Slim's, SF 1980:Utopia's Halloween Radio Ball" (Passaic, NJ)
1997:Todd on "Politically Incorrect"

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