December 2023

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1983:Videography tour premier show (Madison, WI)
1999:Todd on Comedy Central's "Daily Show"
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1985:Todd on "Entertainment Tonight" 1976:Utopia's 1st Japan tour premier (Tokyo)
1988:"Two Little Hitlers" recorded 1988:"Lip Service" lecture (San Francisco, CA) 1973:Todd on "Midnight Special"
1984:"Tiny Demons" on "Miami Vice" 1955:Kasim Sulton born 1986:Two-Week Wonder Tour premier (New Haven, CT)
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1973:"Todd" released 1992:Todd performs at Toys For Tots benefit (San Francisco, CA) 1984:"Tiny Demons" on "Miami Vice"
1991:Todd performs at Toys For Tots benefit (San Francisco, CA) 1985:"A Capella" concert on "King Biscuit"
1990:"I Saw The Light" on "Saturday Night Live"
1994:"Dumb and Dumber" (with Todd's soundtrack) released
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1988:"Unloved Children" recorded 1985:"Something To Fall Back On" released
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1978:New Year's Eve show (Uptown Theatre, Chicago, IL)
1979:New Year's Eve show (Richfield Auditorium, Richfield, OH)
1979:Todd on "Earth News Radio Service"
1980:New Year's Eve show (The Tower Theare, Philadelphia, PA)
1982:New Year's Eve show (The Auditorium, Chicago, IL)
1983:New Year's Eve show (The Agora, Cleveland, OH)
1984:New Year's Eve show (The Paradise, Boston, MA)
1986:New Year's Eve show (The Park West, Chicago, IL)
1990:New Year's Eve show (The Riviera, Chicago, IL)
1991:New Year's Eve show (Ventura Theatre, Ventura, CA)
1995:New Year's Eve show (The Park West, Chicago, IL)
2008:New Year's Eve show (Painted Bride, Philadelphia, PA)

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