January 2023

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1980:Utopia's "First Concert Of The Decade" (Bearsville, NY)
1984:"Crybaby" video filmed
1992:Todd interview on "The Journal" (Canada) 1986:Utopia records new songs for "Trivia"
1995:"The Difference" premiers 1985:Todd performs at Ethiopian Airlift benefit (San Francisco, CA)
1990:"Waiting Game" on "All My Children" soap opera
1995:Todd "Jammin' On The Information Highway" at MacWorld Expo (San Francisco, CA) 1983:"Time Heals" released
1990:Nearly Human tour in Japan premier (Fukuoko) 1980:"Adventures in Utopia" released
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1977:RockPalast video filmed
1985:Todd co-hosts MTV's Basement Tapes (Philadelphia, PA)
1991:"Public Servant" released 1990:"Live In Japan" video filmed (Tokyo) 1982:Todd's "Utopia Graphics Tablet" released 1989:"Hawking" recorded 1983:"The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect" album released 1996:Todd on Dick Clark's "Rock and Roll Remember"
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1985:"POV" released 1993:Todd performs at benefit for Presidio Hill School (San Francisco, CA) 1989:"Can't Stop Running" recorded
1990:Nearly Human winter tour premier (Los Angeles, CA)
1990:Todd inducted into Rock Walk of Fame (Los Angeles, CA)
1991:"Live In Japan" video released 1989:Partnership formed for Utopia Software 1984:"Oblivion" released
1993:Todd attends Presidential Inuguration activities (Washington, DC) 1980:Todd is guest DJ on WPIX Radio (New York)
1987:Price/Sulton tour premier (Bottom Line, NY) 1980:Todd on "Earth News Radio Service"
1993:"No World Order" CD released in Japan by Pony Canyon Records
1994:TR-i performs at Silicon Graphics Convention
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1988:Todd is guest on FM Osaka radio (Japan) 1977:"Communion With The Sun" released
1995:"Grokgazer" re-released on Mirimar with bonus "Property" video 1982:"Kasim" released
1983:"Hideaway" released 1989:"The Waiting Game" recorded 1978:Utopia on "Rock Around The World"
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1980:"Air Pocket" released
1991:"2nd Wind" released
1992:"TR: An Elpees Worth Of Productions" released

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