March 2023

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1998:"With a Twist..." tour at State Theatre, St. Petersburg, FL 1990:Live simulcast of Nearly Human show on WXRT (Chicago, IL)
1993:Todd speaks at the HomeMedia Expo (Beverly Hills, CA) 1979:Todd Interview on "The Music Special"
1989:Todd performs at benefit for Presidio Hill School (San Francisco, CA)
1991:Todd on "Rockline"
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1996:Todd on "Politically Incorrect" 1983:"Bang The Drum" released 1983:Todd on "Rockline" 1991:"Live In Japan" debut on VH-1
1996:Todd receives "Arthur M. Sohcot" award at BAMMIES (San Franciso, CA) 1974:Todd on "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert"
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1972:"Something/Anything?" released
1984:Utopia on "Rockline"
2012:"The Unpredictable Todd Rundgren" webcast 1983:Utopia on "King Biscuit Flower Hour" 1949:Roger Allen Powell born
1995:Todd keynote at South by Southwest Multimedia Festival (Austin, TX)
2006:New Cars Press Event, Los Angeles, CA
2006:New Cars debut on Tonight Show 1986:Todd performs at The Bammies (San Francisco, CA)
1996:"Aliens In The Family" with Todd theme song debutson ABC TV 1990:Todd wins two awards at The Bammies (San Francisco, CA)
1995:"the Individualist" released in Japan
1999:Todd on "Politically Incorrect"
2004:"Liars" released in Japan 1979:Todd on "King Biscuit"
1985:Todd and Roger on "Rockline"
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1984:Utopia on "Guest DJ"
1994:Seriously Rundgrenized Gathering (No World Party) (Lyndhurst, NJ) 2006:New Cars on Late, Late Show 1991:2nd Wind tour premier (Palo Alto, CA)
1995:Todd keynote at Canadian Music Industry Conference (Toronto, CA)
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1982:"Swing To The Right" released
1996:"the Individualist" named "Rock and Roll CD-ROM of the Year" in Digital Hollywood Awards 1991:Hall & Oates (with Kasim) on "Tonight Show" 1973:"A Wizard/A True Star" released 1974:"A Dream Goes On Forever" released

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