April 2023

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1972:"I Saw The Light" released
1983:Todd on "Rock & Roll Tonight"
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1985:POV tour premier (Laramie, WY)
1998:Todd on "Politically Incorrect" 1981:"Live At Royal Oak" video filmed (Detroit, MI)
1985:Todd performs with Cheap Trick (Albany, NY)
1991:Todd speaks at "Love Machine" seminar (Beverly Hills, CA) 1979:Utopia's 2nd Japan tour premier (Tokyo)
1982:Todd solo and Utopia on "King Biscuit" 1982:Utopia on "Retrorock"
2004:"Liars" released in UK 1986:Todd on "Live From The Hard Rock Cafe" (New York, NY)
2004:"Liars" released in US 1969:"Nazz Nazz" released
1985:"Mated" released
2015:"Global" released 2004:"Liars" tour opens in Milwaukee, WI
2009:Todd lectures at DePauw University
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1976:"Love Of The Common Man" released
1993:Virtual Reality Exhibit at Gallerie Sho (Tokyo, Japan)
1996:"Oblivion, POV & Some Trivia" released
2013:"State" released 1978:"Hermit Of Mink Hollow" released
1991:"Open My Eyes" on Saturday Night Live
1991:"Making Of 2nd Wind" on "Night Flight" 1982:"One World" released 1971:"Be Nice To Me" released
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1992:One Man Jam premier show (Chicago, IL)
1996:"Surviving Armageddon" seminar by Todd at "Undercurrents '96" (Cleveland, OH) 1996:"The Secret History of Rock and Roll" keynote at "Undercurrents '96" by Todd (Cleveland, OH) 1991:2nd Wind show in Boston simulcast on WBCN radio
1993:Ringo's All-Starr Band (with Todd) on Disney's "Coming Home"
2015:Rockin' Little Rock begins, Little Rock, AR 1981:Utopia on "King Biscuit"
1993:Todd attends CDisc conference (Newport Beach, CA) 1980:Utopia on "King Biscuit"
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1976:"Faithful" released 1982:Todd on "The Continuous History Of Rock & Rock" 1988:Todd on "Hour Magazine" 1991:Todd performs "Change Myself" on "Late Night With David Letterman"
1996:Todd at "Storytelling for the New Millenium" (Kauai, HI) 1979:Utopia on KSAN-FM (San Francisco, CA)
1981:Todd on "Off The Record"
2001:Todd at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA 2004:Todd and the Liars on the Late Show with David Letterman 1984:Kas is presenter at 6th Annual Rock Radio Awards
1982:"One World" released in UK

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