June 2023

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1991:2nd Wind Osaka show simulcast on FM 802
1995:Music In(tr)Action Forum opens on CompuServe
1997:PatroNet member service begins 1992:Ringo's All-Starr Band tour premier (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
1994:The TR Connection is launched 1991:Todd on "Funky Tomato" (Japan)
1993:Todd demos CD-I at Consumer Electronics Show (Chicago, IL)
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1978:Todd on "Midnight Special"
1995:"If Not Now, When?" released
1999:Todd & Band at Black & White Ball (San Francisco) 1969:Nazz at Boston Tea Party
1986:"Trivia" released
1994:"No World Order Lite" released by Forward Records
1995:Todd keynote address at Promax/Broadcast Designers Assn. Conference and Exposition (Washington, DC) 1995:Individualist tour premiers (Palo Alto, CA) 1987:Patty Smyth (with Kas) Japan tour premier (Osaka)
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1982:"Lysistrata" released 1982:Todd on "SFX #15"
1989:Todd on "Rockline"
1995:TR-i Expo (Los Angeles, CA) 2012:"Ringo Starr and His 13th All Starr Band" kickoff in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada 2001:"A Walk Down Abbey Road" kicks off in Kelseyville, CA
2002:"A Walk Down Abbey Road" kicks off on Maui 2008:Toddstock begins 1995:Individualist Japan tour premier (Osaka, Japan)
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1967:Nazz live debut in Philadelphia
2008:Rundgren House Blessing in Kilauea, HI 1990:Sessions Tour premier (Redondo Beach, CA) 1992:Todd at New Music Seminar (New York, NY)
2008:Rundgren Radio interviews TR at Toddstock 1988:"TR, The Singles" CD released in Japan
2000:Todd and Power Trio on Conan O'Brien
2008:Luau & TR-ivia at Toddstock 1948:Todd Harry Rundgren born (Philadelphia, PA)
1997:Todd interpretation of ESPN "X Theme" on ESPN's X Games
1998:Todd marries Michele Gray in Hawaii
2008:"Arena" debuts live at Toddstock 1978:Utopia on "Live At The Bottom Line" 1971:"Runt, The Ballad Of Todd Rundgren" released
1997:Todd on ABC-TV "Politically Incorrect"
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1976:"Good Vibrations" released
1988:"Parallel Lines" recorded
2008:"Arena" tour begins in Oshkosh, WI 2000:"One Long Year" released 1994:"No World Order" CD-ROM for Mac released by Electronic Arts 1971:Todd live on WMMR radio (Philadephia, PA

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