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Official Flak

An "Immediate Release" (dated May 2) regarding the upcoming CD+ release of The Individualist {plain text}(@6/1)

An interview with Todd (Q&A for TR-i Expo) {plain text}(@6/1)

The most recently fulminated bio about the personality in question {plain text}(@6/1)

The official press announcement for the TR-i EXPO {plain text}(@6/9)

Todd makes his catalog available for perusal {plain text}(@6/12)

Release on status of CD+ timing and distribution {plain text}(@6/21)

Todd featured as a guest during Computer Shopper chat event in CompuServe on October 5th {plain text}(@9/30)

Navarre announces release of "The Individualist" -- November 7th {plain text}(@10/6)

Todd makes rare in-store appearance to demo "Individualist" CD-e & hosts Billboard Music Video Awards -- both in L.A. {plain text}(@11/6)

Transcript of Todd's speech at Billboard Music Conference -- Los Angeles {plain text}(@11/9)

How to join the In(TR)active Music Forum on CompuServe {plain text}(@12/18)

Utopia Grokware '96 Calendar Info {plain text} (@1/21)

Todd as featured guest in MacPlanet launch on CompuServe {plain text}(@2/1)

Transcript of "Pop Culture in Digital Media" panel at Digital Hollywood conference (TR references) {plain text} (@2/21)

Todd releases complete music videos online via NAMS {plain text}(@3/13)

Todd and "Individualist" winners of prestigious award at Digital Hollywood Conference {plain text} (@3/26)

Todd cover story in Goldmine Magazine {plain text}(@3/28)


"Todd Rundgren, in keeping with his maverick approach to the record industry, says he will become the first CD-ROM-only artist. He is not signing with a conventional label to release his latest musical project, "The Individualist," but will issue it only in the CD+ format. Interactive CD label ION will distribute the release in both music and computer stores..."

The Hollywood Reporter 5/8/95

"Cutting-edge interactive artist and music producer Todd Rundgren will soon open a new interactive music forum on the CompuServe Information Service... In addition to actively managing and participating in the forum, Rundgren will serve as a CompuServe special consultant on interactive music."

from Compuserve Press Release

NOTE: In celebration of the opening of the IMUSIC forum, Compuserve is offering complimentary 30 day subscriptions. Call 1-800-550-5335

"No World Order is an entirely new musical experience that, quite honestly, could not have come from any musician BUT Todd Rundgren," says Gary Gettys, product manager. "He's always pushed the limits of music, technology, and interactivity. Now, those skills have come together in this ground-breaking work. We at Electronic Arts look forward to working together with TR-i."

from Electronic Arts Press Release

"With the highly visible release of Todd Rundgren's 'No World Order' CD-i title in 1993, Philips was first on the scene with an interactive multimedia music product. It is our strategy to build on the wealth of experience and exposure we gained in this market."

from Philips Press Release

"Of all the companies that I work with, my relationship with Apple goes back the furthest. They published the first program I ever wrote. I use their tools in the studio and on the road. I appear in their advertising. I produced the DPK with Apple's Media Tool."

from Spontaneously Generated TR-i Space Filler about Apple

"As part of an unprecedented cooperative marketing agreement, Rhino RecordsŐ new music label FORWARD will team with Philips Interactive Media to simultaneously release both noninteractive and interactive versions of TR-i's new album NO WORLD ORDER."

from Rhino/Forward Press Release

"Music services are an example of the kinds of applications that will be available. The Warner Magic Music Store allows consumers to purchase music products right from their own homes (and features interactive music programming developed by Todd Rundgren which allows customers to select listening choices by artist, producer, mood, or tempo)."

from Time Warner FSN Press Release

"It is with great pleasure and pride that we introduce you to a brand new weekly program from United Stations. The show is called "THE DIFFERENCE" and it is hosted each week by the incomparable artist-producer-multi-media-pioneer, Todd Rundgren."

from United Stations Press Release

Music for the Eye is computer art fusing the philosophy, science and vision of digital wizards, David Levine and Todd Rundgren. Together, they form Utopia Grokware.

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