Todd Rundgren: Liars


Todd Rundgren


Todd Rundgren
Ken Emerson
Garn Ian Thomasson


Todd Rundgren

Release Date: April 5, 2004 (UK)/April 6, 2004 (US)
Duration: 74:14
Label: Sanctuary (US/UK)
Catalog Number: 06076-86357-2

All of these songs are about a paucity of truth. At first they may seem to be about other things, but that is just a reflection of how much dishonesty we have accepted in our daily lives. We are raised from birth to believe things that cannot be proven or that are plainly not true. People will often brag of their honesty, when there is so much they have simply chosen to ignore or leave unexamined.

[Editor's note: lyrics are reproduced from the CD booklet. In some cases they differ slightly from the actual song. Scott Sheppard has prepared a set for the actual lyrics as heard on the CD]


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