Composer: Todd Rundgren
Duration: 3:54
They say I don't think enough about the afterlife
Of what's below and above, it's all in black and white
They say there's only one kind of love
You have to choose just right
They say there's ony one kind of love in the afterlife
Kiss it all goodbye
You don't get another try

But I can't see... I don't know how
That I won't be what I am now, no
And I won't have some other heart
That could find peace though we're apart, no

It's not enough anymore to be good in this life
They say you've got to be sure so you can sleep at night
The only love that endures gives up without a fight
The only love that endures in the afterlife
Kiss it all goodbye
It was just a clever lie

If I could never see your face
Then I would have to fall from grace, I know
Or for eternity be blind to your presence in my mind? No

And they could promise me a seat
At the right side of the throne
But all would still be incomplete
Within the holy host, alone
Without the guiding light so sweet
That has forever led me on
For me there's no eternal rest
You and I have unfinished business

If I could still hold one thought clear
Then you will instantly appear, I know
I could not repose in bliss
Never more to know your kiss, no

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