Composer: Todd Rundgren
Duration: 5:36
Todd Rundgren: Liars
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Faithful friend, at journey's end
The shore that I land on is you
The rock that I stand on is you
Fortunes fade and beds unmade
You're like a mountain to me
Forever changeless to me
Everything changes

So look me straight into the eye
Swear to god and tell me I'm not living a lie
But if I'm wrong and you know why
Tell me now, don't let me go on living a lie

Fate is cruel you're made a fool
And when I've fallen from your grace
I will find comfort in your face
Everything changes

I can hear the howling hounds not far behind
But I keep the destination clear in mind
And the certain sanctuary I will find
When I get home to your arms

Trusting hearts are torn apart
Jealousy follows in their wake
Under the pressure they break
Everything changes

And everyone wants to divide us
Fan the flames and tell us we are living a lie
But they don't care if we survive
And I refuse to say that we are living a lie

Todd Rundgren: Liars
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