Todd Rundgren: Liars


Todd Rundgren


Todd Rundgren
Ken Emerson
Garn Ian Thomasson


Todd Rundgren

Release Date: April 5, 2004 (UK)/April 6, 2004 (US)
Duration: 74:14
Label: Sanctuary (US/UK)
Catalog Number: 06076-86357-2

All of these songs are about a paucity of truth. At first they may seem to be about other things, but that is just a reflection of how much dishonesty we have accepted in our daily lives. We are raised from birth to believe things that cannot be proven or that are plainly not true. People will often brag of their honesty, when there is so much they have simply chosen to ignore or leave unexamined.


I'm gonna find it, I'm gonna find the truth
Because it ain't here, it's nowhere near
I gotta find it, I gotta find the truth
If I lose my mind, well I don't care

The truth is in plain contradiction (yeah)
The truth is not in this situation (yeah)
The truth is it's my only salvation (yeah)
The truth is not here

I tried to find it looking in the works of man
And if it's in there, well it's sure not clear
I thought I saw it somewhere in a starry sky
And if it's up there, well I'm stuck down here

The truth is like chasing a phantom (yeah)
The truth is so seemingly random (yeah)
The truth is not easily handled (yeah)
The truth is not here

The truth is stranger than fiction

I gotta find the truth
If I have to stand all day in the bright sunshine
I gotta find it, I'm gonna find the truth
If I have to dance all night, leave my body behind

Because the truth is never gonna look for me
I will never get to see what I have not earned
And the truth is, if that day should never come
That doesn't mean I was wrong to try to capture that bird

Sweet bird of truth, come to me


I've been living with a lie for so long now, baby
I gotta set my soul free, I can't take it no more (no)
That's why I gotta sing and shout it, tell the world about it
The truth is sweet

I made a promise to myself not to let nobody else
Have any sway on the way I lived my life
I didn't see the need to compromise, but now I've come to realize
That living is more than just surviving
And I've been lying to myself, I gotta cover up what I feel
But now it's time I must admit this is real, this is real

The truth is sweet, so sweet
Just like honey from a bee, the truth is sweet

So many people in the world let it all pass them by
They won't admit they need rescued from their lonely, lonely lives
That's why we gotta sing and shout it, tell the world about it
The truth is sweet

When you've been hurt so many times it's enough to make you blind
To anything that feels like true happiness
Nobody wants to be the foolish one, but after all is said and done
You constantly settle for less
It's like a broken carousel, it just goes round & round & round
But now it's time that you admit you've lost ground, hear that sound?

The truth is sweet
Just like a baby's kiss, the truth is sweet

Go on admit it, you know you want it to be true
Go on admit it, you say you don't but you know you do
Go on admit it, you've been disguising what you feel
You might be living in a fantasy
But then that fantasy could turn out to be real, so real, so real

Sweet and true like my love for you

And everybody in the world's gonna wake up some day
Singing love is the answer, love is the answer
What's left to say?

That's why I sing and shout it, tell the world about it
The truth is sweet
I'm gonna tell the world how sweet it is
How sweet it is loving you baby, every day
Sweet, so sweet, sweet like a summer morning
Put your hands together now, 'cause it's so sweet (yeah)

Happy Anniversary

"Come to me," she said, "my girl
I must teach you of the world
It is full of hungry men
Who will drag you to their den
But their feelings they won't share
And of yours they do not care
And they think that they're so smart
But they're not"

Men are stupid, men are stupid
And that's just the way it's got to be
Happy anniversary

"Come to me my boy," he said
"Better get this in your head
All the girls will use their sex
To get a yoke around your neck
Then they'll try to make you change
And when they fail, hold you to blame
And they don't care what's real or true
Like we do"

Women are evil, women are evil
And that's just the way it's got to be
Happy anniversary

You'd like to change it, but there ain't no way
'Cause you're a slave to your DNA
It's so unfair, but it's the game we play
We're only slaves to our DNA

Oh, here we go again...

Men are stupid, women are evil
Happy anniversary
And is that the way it has to be?
Happy anniversary

Soul Brother

I didn't just pull into town.
This happened right before my eyes.
There's something missing in the sound,
That so used to satisfy.
Yeah it may rock, it may roll, but tell me
Whatever happened to your soul?

It's just a murky, jerky groove.
It motivates, but it don't move
And all the pimps and funky divas
Crank out their empty testifying.
Yeah they mixed it all in a bowl, but then they
Forgot to add a pinch of soul.

Tell me, whatever happened to soul, brother?
Tell me, what did they do with the soul, soul brother?
Tell me, where did they go with the soul, brother?
Can I get a witness?

We're only here to entertain,
And just pretend to be in pain,
And if you wanna see me get down,
Just watch me wave my hands around.
Yeah it's just a distraction I'm told, I use it
To hide my total lack of soul.

I got a little a bit of soul
'Cause it's so hip to be a ho
And all the brothers act like crooks
Yeah and all the kids in the suburbs write the radio hooks.

And if you want to be a star,
Just grab your crotch and squeeze it hard
And make your mom and daddy proud
As you dry hump for the crowd.
Hey it may be tired and old, but then it's
Your only substitute for soul.

I gotta know, somebody tell me
What did they do with it?
Where did it go?

Stood Up

When I found out we could have some brains
I was the first in line, 'cause we were, like
Dragging our knuckles along the ground
Ever since, I've been convinced that every
Sacred thought is mine, and you were still
Dragging your knuckles along the ground

'Cause I think I'm there, dude (don't get ahead of yourself)
I think I'm there, dude
Already there

And when they asked us who will lead
I thought it surely must be me
But I stood up too fast
Because as soon as I was boss
The next one in line took my head clean off
'Cause I stood up too fast

I was barely in my teens when I decided I was tired
Of always like dragging my knuckles along the ground
So with all due haste I based until I got so freakin' wired
Forgot I was dragging my knuckles along the ground

I thought I was there, dude (don't get ahead of yourself)
I thought I was there, dude
Already there

And when they asked for volunteers
I must have thought they said 'drink beers'
And I stood up too fast

I can imagine things that can't possibly exist
And then I add them to an ever-expanding list
And when I've solved every significant test there is
Then I'll move on no matter how many clues I've missed

It's so easy to be smart, but it's a struggle to be wise
You shouldn't be always throwing your weight around
It's much better to be humble than to have a big hat size
Or you'll be just begging somebody to take you down

And you'll be nowhere, man (you got ahead of yourself)
And you'll be nowhere, man
Already there

And right before your very eyes
I have ignored my own advice
'Cause I stood up too fast
And nobody has the slightest choice
But to put up with my droning voice
When I stood up too fast


O Holy Father
Divine Provider
Grant me my prayer
All I desire

It's been a long, long time since you faced the truth
You haven't heard the voice of god since your wasted youth
Faith of your father, holy faith
In the dollar almighty and the tithing plate

And you'd like to rub my face in it
Your god, your god
And you'd like to rub my face in it
Your god, your god, your god is Mammon

Pew after pew in the house of the lord
Nod their heads at the sermon while they mind the store
And their holiest book is a PDA
It's got god's cell number if you find time to pray

And you'd like to rub their face in it
Your god, your god
And you'd like to rub our face in it
Even though you have no faith in it
Your god is Mammon, your god is dead

And you rage and fume at the godless ones
'Cause they don't understand how the company runs
And they think it's the money that you care about
You pretend to be offended when they figure it out
Tell me what kind of heaven do you think awaits
When your ass is too fat to fit the pearly gates?
Like the eye of a needle and a limousine
Paradise is set aside for the less obscene
You only care for the power that the lucre brings
And you have no love for any living thing, save Mammon

And you want to rub my face in it


I remember the world of tomorrow
I remember the world of tomorrow

I'm supposed to drive a flying car
I'm supposed to have a house on Mars
I'm supposed to live 200 years
I'm supposed to live, I'm supposed to live in

The future is now

I remember the world of tomorrow
I remember the world of tomorrow

Where's the office building two miles high?
And the ocean liner 12 blocks wide?
Where's the super train thatís solar powered
Average speed 600 miles an hour?

I'm supposed to get my eyesight back
I'm supposed to gain all things I lack
I'm supposed to live devoid of fears
I'm supposed to live, I'm supposed to live in

The future is now

Where's the better world that was declared
At the 1964 World's Fair?
Where's the only orb that's got a plan?
It's at EPCOT Center Disneyland

We're supposed to all drive flying cars
We're supposed to all have homes on Mars
We're supposed to live 200 years
We're supposed to live, we're supposed to live in

The future is now


I saw you on the street today
I could not catch your eye, or you'd have heard me say
That you look just the same (you haven't changed, no, no)
But then I realized
We are not even friends, and I was so surprised (so surprised)
When the teardrops came (yeah)

I'm living in the past
Living in the past
I'm living in the past, I know
But the past is gone

I can't remember when
You didn't cross my mind and pull me back again (back again)
Into my reverie
And that's why I'm still living in the past

Gone, it's all gone, all gone

And I can stair out the window as the world drifts by
And my eyes will glaze, and I drift away

    Sir, sir, wake up
    Wake up sir
    It's the end of the line
    You'll have to get off the train

And my todays are gray, the seconds tick away
But if I close my eyes it's only yesterday
And I see rainbows surrounding you and me
But that was in the past
I know it was the past

Why must I live in the past?
I just can't let go now
I'm living in the past now baby
Don't leave me now
'Cause I know the past is gone
I can't get over, can't get the past now


Life is always strange
You just get used to it
Once in a while something reminds you
Then you forget about it
I heard it at the coffee shop
And on the radio
They're talking at the trolley stop
And everywhere I go

It's all over, all of the suffering
It's all over, all of the other things
I know it's all over now
But for the wondering

We could change our minds
But what's the use of it?
If there's a thing we haven't tried
Too tired to think about it
I can't pick up the telephone
Somebody wants to know
The thing that can never be known
A place we'll never go

It's all over, no more imagining
It's all over, is that a tragic thing?
I know it's all over know
But for the wondering


You could be my everything, you almost have it all
You'd be perfect, but you've got one fatal flaw (my baby)
We could live so happily, the envy of them all
But that'll never happen 'cause you've got one fatal flaw (oh yeah)

And all my friends they look at me
Say 'that's a ten,' and I agree that you are a mad love maker (love maker)
I know I should accept it all and overlook the little faults,
But this one's a real deal breaker (deal breaker)

And all my friends they look at us
Say 'he won't bend when he could just live happily ever after' (ever after)
It's not that I'm afraid of it, but every time you force a fit
There's crying instead of laughter (instead of laughter)

So why you gotta be such a lyin' ass mother fucker?

And you sure had me fooled (so fooled)
You really sent me back to school (back to school)
And you made me feel like a royal tool
Still I can't help having a soft spot for you (my baby)

If we put it down on paper, and we're careful how we draw
It looks perfect, but it's got one fatal flaw
And you may overlook the obvious, pretend you know it all
You refuse to see it, still it's got one fatal flaw (my baby)


They say I don't think enough about the afterlife
Of what's below and above, it's all in black and white
They say there's only one kind of love
You have to choose just right
They say there's only one kind of love in the afterlife
Kiss it all goodbye
You don't get another try

But I can't see... I don't know how
That I won't be what I am now, no
And I won't have some other heart
That could find peace though we're apart, no

It's not enough anymore to be good in this life
They say you've got to be sure so you can sleep at night
The only love that endures gives up without a fight
The only love that endures in the afterlife
Kiss it all goodbye
It was just a clever lie

If I could never see your face
Then I would have to fall from grace, I know
Or for eternity be blind to your presence in my mind? No

And they could promise me a seat
At the right side of the throne
But all would still be incomplete
Within the holy host, alone
Without the guiding light so sweet
That has forever led me on
For me there's no eternal rest
You and I have unfinished business, yes, yes

If I could still hold one though clear
Then you will instantly appear, I know
I could not repose in bliss
Never more to know your kiss, no


Faithful friend, at journey's end
The shore that I land on is you
The rock that I stand on is you
Fortunes fade and beds unmade
You're like a mountain to me
Forever changeless to me
Everything changes

So look me straight into the eye
Swear to god and tell me I'm not living a lie (living a lie)
But if I'm wrong, and you know why
Tell me now, don't let me go on living a lie (living a lie)

Fate is cruel, you've made a fool
And when I've fallen from grace
I look for comfort in your face
Everything changes

I can hear the howling hounds not far behind
But I keep the destination clear in mind
And the certain sanctuary I will find
When I get back to your arms

Trusting hearts are torn apart
Jealousy follows in their wake
Under the pressure they break (they break)
Everything changes

And everyone wants to divide us
Fan the flames and tell us we are living a lie (living a lie)
But they don't care if we survive
And I refuse to say that we are living a lie (living a lie)

God Said

Nearly everyone I know claims to have heard your voice
And every time they do, I know I should rejoice
Because one day I'm sure you'll break your silence
And speak just to me
But I feel like time's running out
My heart is, my heart is filling with doubt
And god said

I don't dwell upon you, I dwell on something else
And I am not really here so get over yourself

I've tried to follow every rule they said you handed down
And spread the sacred testimony all around
But still the others seem to have your ear but never will I
Have I displeased you somehow?
Can't help, can't help feeling left out
And god said

There's no anger in me, you must mean someone else
'Cause it's not me that you see, you're looking at yourself
And I won't give you a prize instead of someone else
'Cause I don't play favorites, so get over yourself

Just get over yourself, just get over yourself

Is it my fear, is it my pride, is it my vanity?
Should your name just be denied to save my sanity?
What is the price I need to pay to have
What others seem to grasp so easily?
Pity your servant your slave
Who'll kiss, who'll kiss your feet to be saved
Save me, save me
And god said

You are not serving me, you're serving something else
'Cause I don't need to be pleased, just get over yourself
You can't suck up to me, I know you all too well
But I don't dwell upon you, so get over yourself
'Cause you're not praying to me, you're praying to yourself
And you're not worshipping me, you're worshipping yourself
And you will kill in my name, and heaven knows what else
When you can't prove I exist so get over yourself


Duty calls the faithful few
The infidel must pay his due
For your family we will provide
You will fill them with empty pride
And for you many virgins wait
Say your prayers, accept your fate

And with every lying breath
You send them to their death

We need not the authority
Of some god of morality
Nor the aid of some skeptic land
Who puts truth before our demands
And to those who defy our law
We will bring them our shock and awe

And you send them to their death
With your every lying breath


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