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From Chris Huston: I was Associate Producer and Recording Engineer on this album and have some very fond memories of the sessions. For one, Thom Mooney, the drummer, had his jaw wired shut, after he was mugged in New York. I had a barbecue for them at my home, in Coldwater Canyon, and while we all ate barbecued steaks, poor Thom had to make do with a milk shake. The group was fabulous to work with, this being way before Todd had gained any recognition for his unique songwriting talents. I always got a laugh out of the, "Look Harvey - a crab" aside, in "Wildwood Blues". My understanding, at the time, was that this song was a tongue-in-cheek dig at the mundane and pedestrian way of life out in the hinterlands of New Jersey.

"Hello It's Me", is, perhaps, my favorite track. This being because it came out so well, and, there is so much rock'n'roll pathos in it. "Open My Eyes" was one of the first uses of phasing. For this I used 2 tape machines, not as it is being done today, with a piece of outboard gear especially designed to simulate phase shift. If you look at the original album credits, you will see me listed as engineer. The album was recorded at ID Sound, on North La Brea, in Hollywood. The ID stood for Ivan and Dawn, the owner and his wife. The recordings were done on an Ampex 8 track recorder, using the studio's custom built console.

  1. Open My Eyes
  2. Back of Your Mind
  3. See What You Can Be
  4. Hello It's Me (Nazz version)
  5. Wildwood Blues
  6. If That's The Way You Feel
  7. When I Get My Plane
  8. Lemming Song
  9. Crowded
  10. She's Goin' Down

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