Back of Your Mind

Nazz: Nazz
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  You know you don't have to tell me
  What it is makes a man angry
  But what you do have to tell me
  What it is that you think there is to laugh about
  Standing here waiting for an explanation
  Seems like a waste of time
  Try to see how much you can get away with
  You might get away with anything you'd say
  I don't know your mind

  You can take what's mine, you can share my bed
  You can go where I go, you can cry when I'm dead
  But you don't get nothing 'til you tell me what's in
  The back of your mind

  You're somebody special
  Or I won't let you be with me
  And I don't like to get angry
  But it's my habit of taking things seriously
  I know what you do when I'm not around you
  To see you're doing right
  I got evil in mind but I wouldn't put it past you
  Your silence shows that you won't disclose
  Just what's in your mind

Nazz: Nazz
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