See What You Can Be

Nazz: Nazz
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  Let's talk about the things you wonder
  Things that you're trying to hide
  When words slip up, you drag them under,
     making me stand outside
  But from all I can see,
     you've become somewhat frightened of me
  But my thoughts run high of what we could be
  If we didn't stop to think
     of what could go wrong on our way there

  I want you to see what you can be
  See what we can be if we try

  Here is a thing we can't skip over
  I think you should be around
  What one can do, can two do better,
     don't try to drag the thing down
  If I thought I could be
     something more than I thought I could be
  I would take off and fly if it were me
  I don't need to be reminded
     of the things I don't believe in

Nazz: Nazz
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