Lemming Song

Nazz: Nazz
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  I was thinking 'bout my troubles this morning
  Trying to decide if I should live or die
  I forgot to leave a note on the mailbox so
  Said I hope that you forget to come by
  I'd wasted time to tell myself
  It's wrong to leave you by yourself
  The love I have does not exceed
  The fear I have of you when you need someone to plead
  With you to try again
  And beg you not to cry in vain and be your friend
  Why is it me? Why is it me? Why is it me now?

  I was never meant to carry the burden
  Keeping track of someone else's life as my own
  How can I enjoy the time when I'm with you when
  I'm afraid to ever leave you alone
  I wish you'd stop this game or else
  Begin to lean on someone else
  I'd like to leave you far behind
  Before I'm found in your state of mind
  Because I need to lead a life of my own
  I wish you'd find somebody else and leave me alone
  Why bother me? Why bother me? Why bother me now?

Nazz: Nazz
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