If That's The Way You Feel

Nazz: Nazz
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  If that's the way you feel, don't change your mind
  Be sure this time, I don't really mind
  If that's the way you feel, let this be gone
  Decide it on what you really want

  I'm not going to plead so that no one is stopping you
  Write when you get to where ever you're going to
  I might have gone but I'm too much involved
  To forget all my problems and think of them solved
  I'm not in the habit of running my fears up a flagpole
  And I'm less concerned of your secrets
     than about why you carry on so
  If you want a little bit of attention
  Why not make a spectacle of your self in public
  Or maybe you could credit me with having
  Enough understanding to merit a wire
  Besides this is the end
  And goodbye, it was real
  But then

Nazz: Nazz
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