[Awizard] Awizard Update, October 2005

Roger D. Linder roger at RoCeMaBra.com
Thu Oct 13 18:22:15 EDT 2005

While it's generally a slow news time when Todd's not on tour, there are a
few significant items of interest to make for a general announcement to the
Awizard list.

   - The best news, perhaps, is that the Liars Live DVD is finally
   scheduled for release. The actual date still is a matter of confusion, but
   I've seen both November 15 and November 29 listed.
two sources taking pre-orders.
   - A new Best of Todd Rundgren Live CD will also be coming out in early
   November. TRBazaar.com also announces a new Something/Anything? Deluxe
   Edition to be released in Japan in November and later in the US.
   - The TR Cookbook, "Give Them Love, Give Them Bread" is still
   available as well as special associated merchandise, including a TR
   Postage Stamp. A special bumper sticker has been designed to help
   support recovery efforts from the gulf hurricanes. Visit
   http://www.cafepress.com/trcookbook for additional
    - The TR Connection Forums have been revamped with a new software
   version and a fresh feed. If you were previously a forum member and have not
   yet signed up on the new forums, feel free to visit
   - The TRConnection ToddCast is now in full swing and new episodes are
   appearing on a regular basis. Visit
http://TRConnection.com/ToddCastto learn more. If you are a musician
and have original recorded works in the
   spirit of Todd Rundgren, the ToddCast may be able to feature your efforts in
   upcoming episodes. Contact ToddCast at TRConnection.com.
    - A special Hallowe'en episode of the ToddCast will be released next
   Monday (October 17). We are also issuing episodes of "A Brief History of
   Todd" monthly. A lot more exciting content is on the way!

Short and sweet. For continuing TR news, visit the TR Connection as well as
the many other fine TR sites found at
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