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Hi Folks, With free CD's of all the songs from the movie, and some free autographed posters when you go see the "Rodnees", we'll also be having a special treat - Legendary folk/rock performer and close friend of the late John Lennon, David Peel, will be at the show tonite to perform a few songs after the movie and answer questions about John Lennon.
"Up come a man with the guitarin his handSinging "have a marijuana if you can"His name was Davis PeelAnd we found that he was realHe sang "The pope smokesdope everyday"
These are John Lennon's lyrics from "New York CIty" , a song on one of his solo albums. Lennon also produced David Peel's "Have a Marijuana" album back then as well. 

Free CD's of all the great songs from Lindley Farley's "The Rodnees - We Mod Like Dat" for all patrons each nite who buy tickets at the theater or online you'll get a free CD of "The Rodness" with all the great songs from the film at the theater, 
Friday nite, Oct. 7th meet "The Rodnees" - director/writer - Lindley Farley, star of the film, Moogy Klingman and David Peel - Beatle cult hero - at the theater after the show. After the 9 pm show, they'll be answering questions, autographing posters and CD's and singing some of their songs. 
Sunday nite, Oct. 9th - John Lennon's birthday and the closing day of "The Rodnees", Lindley and Moogy will be back at the theater after the 9 pm show to sing John Lennon songs, and answer questions and hand out and autograph posters and CD's. So please make it down to the show. 

Monday Oct. 3rd thru Sunday Oct. 9th, 2005every nite, one show at 9 pm, one week only!
see Moogy Klingman starring in 
Lindley Farley's musical comedy - mockumentary feature film,"The Rodnees - We Mod Like Dat!"Tickets only $8!
at the Anthology Film Archives movie theater. 

32 Second Avenue (at 2nd st) Manhattan, NYC (212) 505-5181


www.rodnees.com for film clips
www.moogymusic.com for further info

A letter to the New York Times defending "The Rodnees - We Mod Like Dat" from a fan who just saw the movie this week. 

To the New York Times about the Rodnees movie
After reading Jeannette Catsoulis's review (Mon. Oct. 8th, '05) of "The Rodnees (We Mod Like Dat!)" I nearly skipped the screening at the Film Anthology on Rosh Hashona Eve. Thank goodness I went anyway. I hope that the hissing reviewer did not discourage too many of your readers from experiencing the 73 minute laugh riot that I experienced along with perhaps 30 other serious filmgoers at the film's premier. The song "Semantics" had me wiping the tears off my eyes! The audience was rocking with laughter!Comparing the quality of music to the Beatles or the parody to the Rutles misses the point entirely. The Rodnees is unique and they were "taking the music back." Black hip-hop musicians dubbing and copying the Beatles copying the black pioneers of rock is a double reversal that sets the premise for layers of non-sequitors. It is not the quality of the production and it is not the chops of the musicians alone ... it is much more the personalities of the director Lindley Farley, 
the star Moogy Klingman and quality of the idea that gives "The Rodnees" its comical set and setting. The valid political edge of the significant premise is ridiculed by the affectionate mocking of the most frivolous psychedelic video. It is the most superficial Carnaby Street clothing and Beetle hair that turns on the adoring 10 year old fans, and it is the sound that gets the adult narrator to "freak out." "That Sound," exclaims Wm. D. Kapplemeyer, the narrator.The fact that the costumes and hair are only slightly more believable that Halloween costumes is part of its charm. The unapologizing attempt to capture the "kiddie" market is part of the parody. Their is humor in their preposterous humility in the midst of, the music business which is all about money. Herman's Hermits were stars and their music was beautiful. The Rodnee singing along and digging "Henry the Eighth" in the bus shelter was hysterical.Enjoying satire, or any art for that matter, is a lot like enjoying 
Chinese food, or any food, it is largely a matter of taste, and sometimes you just have to be in the mood. Viewing the "Rodnees" was time well spent. Shooting the Rodnees for $13,028.75 was a miracle.Remembering the Beatlemania of...was it 1963(?) the teenage fans that I knew were all about the hair and the boots. The girls would look us 13 year old boys over and decide who looked like Paul and who looked more like John. Who was cuter? Etc. Remember, the music was great, but we were kids and the kids in the Rodnees are not sophisticated yet. They just know what they like.The premise is fresh and the satire is tastey. The pace is fast and the edge is manic. The Rodnees pays tribute and never insults as it parodies the Monkees, Beatles, and the early psychedelic videos.Going out with the cast after the screening on Rosh Hashona Eve we found that Stanton St. and its surrounding neighborhood was lively with small rock clubs and kids hanging out. The music was reminding us of the 
origins of rock and roll and garage band sounds. The rudimentary rock that we used to play was pouring out the windows and onto the street. It was like McDougle St. 40 years ago when we hung out looking and listening to the earliest blending of folk and rock. This is the atmosphere and these are the kids that will love the Rodnees. It will become a "cult classic"!Steve Sloane
Here's a review from idleatwork.blogspot.com Monday, April 25, 2005 
The Arlene Grocery Picture Show 

Listen up y'all whether you agree with the Lower Eastside as the mecca of hipsterdum are not, you got to check out The Arlene Grocery Picture Show . .............The Rodnees is musical mocumentary in the spirit of Spinal Tap and tells the "true" story of one man's quest to find out why the greatest rock band of all time broke up. This shit is seriously hilarious, because it flips the whole white people stole rock and roll music from black people thing on its head, and has two wanna-be rappers discover The Beatles Revolver and interpret it as some gangster shit. "Before Biggie and Tupac was getting waxed off the streets, John Lennon was all over that shit." 

Here's a review posted on IMDB, written by Solomon 

The Rodnees: We Mod Like Dat! 
Writer/director Lindley Farley hits a home run again with his new film "The Rodnees: We Mod Like Dat!" The film pays homage to the Beatles as well as the films "A Hard Days Night" and "This is Spinal Tap." The style of the film is a cross between mocumentary and music video. The film was shot in digital and focuses on the rise and fall of a rock group, The Rodnees, who are influenced by the music of the Beatles. The film focuses on and explores the effect of the music of the Rodnees on their fans and the parents of their fans. 
The music and the music videos of the Rodnees are funny and unique. The style of the music videos and songs are portraits of Lindley’s homage for the Beatles. Just like his last film, "Bulls Night Out," the focus of the film is the ensemble cast. The characters are all vibrant and colorful, reminiscent of any Joel and Ethan Cohen brothers film. Some of those characters include the Rodnees’s manager Roy "Sweet" Bailey and the ventriloquist act of Pablo and Luis. Lindley’s dialog is very clear, crisp, and original and reminds me of dialog that David Mamet or Quentin Tarentino would use in their plays and films. If you are a Beatles fan then you will really love this film. Lindley Farley is an incredible filmmaker and I look forward to his future films. I highly recommend it! 

Emails to Moogy by folks who saw"The Rodnees - We Mod Like Dat" on 4/27/05 
Just wanted to say again, I thought the movie was a lot of fun and your performance was great -- very entertaining altogether. -- Matt 

Hey Moogy, Loved the movie! I was in town with my girlfriend and her son to see a show on Saturday so I was able to see the film. I thought it very clever indeed You did a great job! Cheers, Mark 

monicashaw enjoyed the movie...you rock! Written and directed by Lindley Farley; directors of photography, Michael Dennis, Mr. Farley, Andre Middleton and Derrick Hill; edited by Kate Cunningham, Joshua Geisler and Elizabeth Bouiss; music by Mr. Farley; produced by Stuart Rifkin; released by LSM Productions. At the Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue at Second Street, East Village. Running time: 75 minutes. This film is not rated.
WITH: Moogy Klingman (Wm. D. Kappelmeyer), Charles Harding (Rodney Barnett), Alexandre Baptiste (John Rodney), Mike Hunter (Rodney York), Davin McLeod (Rodney "Modney" Wolcott), C. F. Jarmon (Roy "Sweet" Bailey). 
For more about the movie, "The Rodnees - We Mod Like Dat"check out the website - www.Rodnees.com or www.moogymusic.com

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