Composer: Todd Rundgren
Duration: 5:49
Todd Rundgren: State
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It happened so fast
The blink of an eye
I never intended to
Go flying so high
Nothing was serious
Then it caught fire

Tried to stay cool
But the heat just got higher
Trapped in a tinderbox
Of rage and desire
The friction was so intense
Then we caught fire

We were aflame
Starshine was here to stay
Then it faded away
And it all went up in smoke

Life was cherries flambe
But that was so yesterday
Then it all went up in smoke

Now here am I
Kicking the ashes
Of a memory gone by
Things got too serious
Then they caught fire

Now I've been burned
I'm a bit wiser
A place in the shade
Is all I require
Yet I'm still hypnotized
When I see fire

What Todd has said about the song

"The sounds are all virtual synthesizers that exist in the Reason environment. Part of my research in getting those sounds involves going out and listening to a lot of different music to see what inspiration I can find. The other part is going through what are thousands of sounds to try to find a starting point, which I then modify to fit what I'm doing. At first, it was just a sound, a found sound; I didn't know what song it belonged to. Eventually, it was tacked on to this thing I was doing, and the whole thing said 'smoke' to me. It's one of the songs that I think will work well in a live context, because parts of it can be stretched out and manipulated."
— Todd Rundgren source:

Todd Rundgren: State
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