Angry Bird

Composer: Todd Rundgren
Duration: 4:18
Todd Rundgren: State
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Everybody's talkin', tell me have you heard?
I know it sounds fantastical, I know it sounds absurd
It's an angry bird

She's mad as a soakin' chicken
At alert level orange
Some pig is trying to control her eggs
Time to take her revenge

She's an angry bird

The piggies up in the statehouse
Couldn't leave well enough alone
Now she's flying off the handle
And flingin' herself like a stone

Now the pig party is pooped
And the answer has been found
Tell me just how many angry birds
It takes to knock a pigpen down

Are you angry now?

What Todd has said about the song

"I don't know if that [New Cars sound] ever crossed my mind when I made that song. My main objective was to make a song that sounded like a video game. When you start dabbling in anything that can be called Electronica, historically, you run up against the whole 8-bit realm, as the origin of that music is really video games. I felt like I had to do something in there that was relevant to video game music. When you start talking video games, then everyone knows Angry Birds has redefined the entire video game market. From a lyrical standpoint, we had this whole election cycle and part of that was this so called War on Woman. I realized that the basis for the War on Woman is also the basis for the game Angry Birds. Some pigs are trying to control the reproduction of the birds. It is funny that people have been responding to this song, as I thought it was really just a novelty song. I thought it was just a novelty knock off and I almost didn't put it on the record, as I thought it was so silly. I think people like silly every once in a while."
— Todd Rundgren source:

"I wanted a song that sounded like a video game, and of course everybody knows the Angry Birds game, so there's the title. But there was also the coincidental aspect of the last political season with the so-called 'war on women.' I realized that the plot is the same as this war on women thing, whereas a bunch of men, i.e., chauvinist pigs, are trying to control women's ovaries, i.e., their eggs. So the game is that the angry birds are covering their eggs. From a metaphorical sense, the same thing is happening in our politics. It might not make a lot of sense outside of the US, but that's what inspired me. Beyond that, it's the novelty song on the record."
— Todd Rundgren source:

Todd Rundgren: State
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