Composer: Todd Rundgren
Duration: 5:20
Todd Rundgren: State
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I take, I lend
I make, I spend
I think, I act
Extend, retract
I freak, I cope
I doubt, I hope

I sleep, I wake
I'm real, I'm fake
I walk, I ride
I seek, I hide
I'm fast, I'm slow
I'm high, I'm low

I'm good, I'm bad
I'm glad, I'm sad
I'm poor, I'm rich
I keep, I switch
I ebb, I flow
I'm friend, I'm foe

I talk, I hear
I'm brave, I'm fear
I lead, I trail
I'm freed, I'm jailed
I'm to, I'm fro
I catch, I throw

I'm right, I'm wrong
I'm short, I'm long
I stay, I leave
I bob, I weave
I'm dull, I glow
I guess, I know

I'm false, I'm true
I'm old, I'm new
I float, I sink
I stare, I blink
I'm yes, I'm no
Goodbye, hello

We live, we die
We laugh, we cry
We're here, we're gone
We're dusk, we're dawn
We come, we go
We doubt, we hope

We love, we hate
We start, we wait
We curse, we pray
We birth, we stay
We're high, we're low
We're friend, we're foe

We give, we take
We're real, we're fake
We're there, we're here
We're brave, we're fear
We're to, we're fro
We guess, we know

We live, we die
We laugh, we cry
We're here, we're gone
We are dusk, we're dawn
We're yes, we're no
Goodbye, hello

What Todd has said about the song

"This song was me, in a way, trying to enjoy the freedom that comes with making music in this [subconscious] way. Life, essentially, is extremes and that is what people identify with, even though they exist in the gray areas. I was trying to accomplish two things that are not associated. One thing was to do something that sounded like a performance, but was actually purely electronic improvisation. The crazy drums that go through that are all just one drum pattern, but I am, in real time, manipulating the way the pattern is played in order to make is sound like the drummer from the Muppets orchestra. At the same time, within all of this chaos, I am trying to find order. The crux of that is the extreme that we coexist with, and that we rarely identify with, the extremes in reality. People claim to be liberal, or conservative, but if you pose the right question, then you discover, in this instance, they are neither."
— Todd Rundgren source:

"It's the most modern and metaphorical of all the material in that there's so much happening musically nowadays, which I discovered when I went out to do my research. The advances and developments in equipment and software make a lot of things possible sound-wise that would have been difficult at another point. For instance, much of the song is an improvised drum performance, except the drum is just one loop. If you listen to the loop, it's the same thing over and over again. But you use a device on it called the Bit Slicer, which allows you to re-arrange the beats, all in time. Essentially, I'm improvising a drum performance by twiddling knobs. On top of it is the Skrillex-y bass thing. The most difficult part of doing something with so many modern influences is that a lot of contemporary music doesn't have much in the way of vocals on it. Unless I want to make myself unidentifiable, it still has to have an element of 'me' in it. I want to build a bigger and new audience, of course, but it still has to appeal to my audience."
— Todd Rundgren source:

Todd Rundgren: State
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