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I've read the reviews but I knew what to expect. I'll take Todd, warts and all. It's in the messages you see. It's the warm, happy feeling of being that brings Todd people together. There's an affinity. I used to get frustrated by failing to understand why more people (friends and family too) could not hear and see what I heard and felt. I'm happier in the knowledge that it takes the special few (that's you, my friends) to recognise his genius. I almost feel sorry for the outsiders, they'll never know. Cies la vie.

I was accompanied by my 'boy-band' following 15-year old daughter (more out of necessity) on the 100-mile trip and even she is beginning to come round!

ETHEL was the aperitif, and very tasty they were too. Such skill and enthusiasm expressed with verve and passion. I believe that the feelings were reciprocated.

JOE J was the starter. Never a great fan of the 80's (including Utopia fare of the time) I only knew of his hits. Professional, talented without doubt, enjoyable but still only the teaser for the main dish.

TR was not the chef's special, he was the veritable banquet. Sorry JJ but the hall was circa 95% Todd and it showed. The great man was in very fine fettle after enjoying a day sight-seeing in good weather, with various references to all thing Scottishness). You could see the delight and enjoyment that he was trying to express. Like above, there is an affinity. Who gives a flying F*ck for minor mistakes/flubs, we ALL laughed and shared the experience. This was OUR moment, the outsiders will never know!

No set list here, I know someone else will provide. Suffice to say with The Wheel, Soul Brother (tremendous), PTC et al, the 3+hour feast filled our belly's to bursting.

Come back soon Todd, I'm personally not fussed about Utopia though. I read recently of a possible collaboration with Donald Fagen? How tasty does that sound....

Murray Rogers


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06/08/2005 - Usher Hall - Edinburgh, Scotland

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