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Euphoria having almost evaporated, here’s my ten cents worth though all eyes are probably now on Paris.

All round this was a GREAT gig. Ethel are talented and enthusiastic performers, they were especially good on the collaborative numbers, especially LCN!

I was there for TR but was well impressed by JJ, loved his set, particularly Hometown (wish he’d played Number Two) and I will definitely go to see him next time he tours. He seems a reserved & gentle man but is friendly and not in the least aloof on stage unlike some other “artistes”.

Now TR, I saw him in Glasgow last year for the first time (far too young last time he hit town in ’75!) and I was NOT disappointed so I couldn’t reconcile this with some of the earlier reviews for this tour. Far from being a shambles TR was in top form, humorous and engaging and the voice is still sublime! So what if there’s the odd fluffed word or note, the experience to me was pretty near perfect. The songs have been covered and I love them all but I think a special pat on the back has to go to his rendition of LCN because it must be difficult to sing live.

Highlight for me was meeting TR when he arrived for his sound check, never thought I’d meet this guy after ??! years and he was charming. Interesting to experience the regression of this ordinarily self assured lady to stammering gauche teenager! Friends & colleagues have expressed an interest in putting TR on a retainer to show up whenever I need to be shut up!!

TR has not shattered any of the illusions he has created over the years, good luck with the rest of the tour & please bring the next tour to Glasgow


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06/08/2005 - Usher Hall - Edinburgh, Scotland

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