Edinburgh Usher Hall

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Ethel were hugely entertaining with their eclectic mix of styles

And tight playing

Joe Jackson was very polished and his voice and piano playing was great..

Todd was todd…..his huge personality and talent filling the usher hall the

Minute he bounded on stage….he had the crowd in fits of laughter about

His apparent lack of Scottish blood (although many scots have Viking blood in them

so who knows….todd macrundgren??

Also how he almost bought full highland dress (a la bonnie prince Charlie) for the occasion

He said he had dressed for the evening as a comfy chair (although some joker near me shouted

“more like a sofa”

todds voice was superb as ever although where I sat(2nd row) his guitar was drowning out his voice at times

apart from a few dodgy chords in tiny demons and compassion(god bless him) todd turned in a magical

performance with his humour, great songs and awesome stage presence

I would have like to have heard “stood up” but we got a rousing “soul brother” instead

the end section was worth waiting for with the 3 acts complimenting each other superbly

hurry back soon todd !!!

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06/08/2005 - Usher Hall - Edinburgh, Scotland

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