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I unfortunately missed Ethel's opening contribution due to my friend's attempts to set fire to our choice of pre-show restaurant ( never place candles, napkins and Jim Jam Jean in close proximity to one another )!

The audience was very subdued during JJ's performance, however whilst having little knowledge of his back catalogue, I was impressed with several of his songs ( the opener, Hometown, was great ), and I was also very impressed with his musicianship.

The reception given to both Joe and Todd was indeed Black and White - a subdued audience for over an hour turned into an excited group of Rundgren devotees upon the Comfy Armchair's arrival.

I have been lucky to see Todd in California both for the Liars tour 04 ( outstanding ) and a solo performance in late 03 ( good ) - I was expecting to see the latter transferred across the Atlantic.

Pretending to Care & The Wheel, mixed into faves Love of the Common Man & I Don't Want to Tie You Down, augmented 03.

A bit of Gilbert & Sullivan ( you just learnt the lyrics.... aye, right ! ), a bossa nova ISTL ( which did at times slow down through the 80's towards the 70's rendition ), & a smirk starting Tiny Demons enhanced the night, demonstrating that I should never pre-empt OH's set list !

So the future :-

Liars DVD out soon ( hopefully ) and Utopia tour next year - great audience Edinburgh, but the Barrowlands must be the place for 06 !

And yes Todd, we can turn any venue into a pub ...... a very sociable and appreciative pub for yourself, Kasim, Willie & Roger.

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06/08/2005 - Usher Hall - Edinburgh, Scotland

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