Todd Rundgren: [re]Production


Todd Rundgren


Todd Rundgren, Donna Andreassen, Don Ballance, Laura Boton, Lori Brown, Joan Carlson, John Enghauser, Tami Gillam, Dave Holscher, Daniel Iasbeck, Sam LaMonica, Chris Landes, Susan Leonard, Tim Longfellow, Mary Ellen Manning, James May, Joe Menga, Grady Moates, David Mobley, David J. Moore, DeeAnn Schaer, Don Slovin, John Smith, Kevin Stoker, Roy Swanson, James Van Wert, Robert Warwas, Bruce Whetstone, David Zimelis


Todd Rundgren

Release Date: September 13, 2011

Recorded at MyRecordFantasy Camp during January, 2011 in Sacramento, CA

  1. Prime Time
  2. Dancing Barefoot
  3. Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad
  4. Chasing Your Ghost
  5. Love My Way
  6. Personality Crisis
  7. Is It A Star?
  8. Tell Me Your Dreams
  9. Take It All
  10. I Can't Take It
  11. Dear God
  12. Out Of My Mind
  13. Everything
  14. Walk Like A Man
  15. Nothing to Lose

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