Tell Me Your Dreams

Composer: Eaton
Standing in a corn field, hat in your hand, the wind is whipping at the weather vane
Just a young girl in a big wide world, the days seem to last forever
I pull up on a tractor, an old John Deere, smile, and offer up some water
The clouds are rolling, the corn is growing, the kids are playing by the chicken shed
Then I wake up in our apartment, and we're down on the lower east side
You tell me what you dreamed about, it keeps me up all night

You tell me your dreams, I give you my heart
You tell me your dreams, I give you my heart

Flying down a staircase, a cat in your arms, a man is crouching by the living room
There's blood in his eyes, and no place to hide, just you and him
You're floating above it, just out of his reach, he smiles and looks just like your brother
The cat is purring, the carpet's burning, and the walls close in
Then I wake up in my apartment, and I'm far from the lower east side
You call me on the telephone and keep me up all night

Jill Sobule, Things Here Are Different, 1990

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