Nazz: Fungo Bat (unreleased)




Carson Van Osten, Todd Rundgren, Robert "Stewkey" Antoni, Thom Mooney



After the first Nazz album, the Nazz recorded a double album entitled Fungo Bat. This was not accepted by the record company. Songs were culled from Fungo Bat and Nazz Nazz was released. Later, more songs were culled and Nazz III was released; however, not all songs got used. Here is the original song list and lyrics to the songs not found on the other two albums.

  1. Sydney's Lunchbox
  2. Love Everywhere
  3. Oxymoron
  4. Forget All About It
  5. Only One Winner
  6. Magic Me
  7. Gonna Cry Today
  8. Meridian Leeward
  9. Under The Ice
  10. Some People
  11. Rain Rider
  12. Resolution
  13. Old Time Lovemaking
  14. Featherbedding Lover
  15. Take The Hand
  16. How Can That Be Beautiful?
  17. Loosen Up
  18. Sing a Song
  19. Good Lovin' Woman
  20. Sing a Song (reprise)
  21. It's Not That Easy
  22. Plenty Of Lovin'
  23. Letters Don't Count
  24. Kiddie Boy
  25. Christopher Columbus
  26. Hang On Paul
  27. You Are My Window
  28. A Beautiful Song
  29. Train Kept A Rollin'

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