You Are My Window

Nazz: Fungo Bat (unreleased)
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  You are my window
  You cast my shadow
  All in the light is you
  All I ever saw in the love light was you
  All I knew
  You are my marrow
  You cast my sorrow
  You feel the world for me
  You are what the world isn't feeling for me
  And the key
  Here with me
  And the world is black but I can't see my window
  You are my prism
  You are my reason
  You're what I want to be
  You are everything that I want you to be
  You're my key
  Set me free
  Open up my mind
  Make me be the soul you hope to find
  Keep me in line
  We know I'm not all I should be feeling
  Don't make me fake it
  I'm not all love sense
  Not all,
     not all,
     free and,
     not all,
     me and,
     not all
  You are,
     you are,
     you are,
     you are,
     you are my window
  You're my everyday
     my pathway,
     you're my mind,
     my hope,
     my light,
     my dream,
     my sleep
  You are my pillow
  You are my willow
  You shouldn't wait for me
  No one need weep for me anymore
  You're my door

Nazz: Fungo Bat (unreleased)
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