TR-i: No World Order




Todd Rundgren


Todd Rundgren

Release Date: 1993
Duration: 53:12
Label: Forward
Catalog Number: R2 71266

Some day you may discover a need to reinvent yourself. It may be a desire to become a different person, somone better or more interesting than you're used to being. It may be out of necessity, such as entering a federal witness protection program.

I made my first recording 25 years ago, using the tools and techniques and philosophical approaches developed and shared by my contemporaries. Today, most of those contemporaries have reinvented themselves into non-musicians and the philosophies have, substantially, been abandoned. New tools and techniques - some of which I may have accidentally pioneered - attack the foundations of traditional songmaking, forcing the reassessment of the purpose of making music and the experience of listening to it. I suppose one's political philosophy is a reflection of one's attitude toward upheaval. Having taken the paradoxically conservative approach recently of reaffirming traditional song and performance craft in my recordings, I am characteristically more liberal in my attitude about this upheaval. I say, bring it on.

The "I" in TR-I is for "interactive." It means that the way that I write and record and hear music is substantially different than it was as late as 1991. More relevant is the way it changes the listener's experience. What if your CD player would accept ideas from you about how the music should be played? What if it let you examine the music from different angles, experience it in unusual trajectories, reinvent it on the fly?

This is my opportunity, my necessity to reinvent myself. This is your opportunity to talk back to the music.

TR-I (formerly Todd Rundgren)

  1. Worldwide Epiphany 1.0
  2. No World Order 1.0
  3. Worldwide Epiphany 1.1
  4. Day Job 1.0
  5. Property 1.0
  6. Fascist Christ 1.0
  7. Love Thing 1.0
  8. Time Stood Still 1.0
  9. Proactivity 1.0
  10. No World Order 1.1
  11. Worldwide Epiphany 1.2
  12. Time Stood Still 1.1
  13. Love Thing 1.1
  14. Time Stood Still 1.2
  15. Word Made Flesh 1.0
  16. Fever Broke 1.0

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