Love Thing 1.1

Composer: Todd Rundgren
Duration: 1:36
TR-i: No World Order
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Why do I always look down when I want to look up
Why do I shake somebody down when I'm feelin' shook up
Why do I wander around when I want to hook up
Why am I puttin' it down when I wanna pick up

I need something to clear my head
I need something to warm my bed
I need something, some sweet thing

Tell me lies, I know the truth but tell me lies
Just like a breath of fresh air blowin' through my lonely spirit
Love thing, well being
Love thing

Give what you ain't got to give, lord have mercy on me
Drinkin' up blood and sweat and tears, I ain't afraid to ask
Give it to me love thing, well being

TR-i: No World Order
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