Composer: Yassin Alsalman & Todd Rundgren
Duration: 5:02
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Todd Rundgren: Space Force
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I thought that there could be
Some kind of privacy
A place for you and me
Where we could just be we
Without no espionage

See, I can see it
They watchin' me
Hey, I can feel it
They watchin' me

I can see that I can't be
A kind of entity
Where we don't need to be
Worried 'bout espionage

Champagne popsicles, no campaign obstacles, lots of truth, 'til our soul pops the noose
My life's like a block of proof, give you four parts like wifi mixed with Olive Oyl Popeye then I disappear like poof
Genie at the lamp line up in a gold tooth, I'm a fuckin' cartoon, all I see is a box around me, everything on loop
Introductions so classic sounding, me and sandhill like the fountain of youth
Treat you like our sons like an aunt will, ain't a hype that you can't kill, Omar like mad chill
The sun don't chill a law, white supremacy might kill a law, but it still can't kill Allah

Feeling it, feeling it...


Todd Rundgren: Space Force
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