I'm Not Your Dog

Composer: Thomas Dolby
Duration: 5:49
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Todd Rundgren: Space Force
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Let it bleed
Let it be
Mother Mary, I'm on my knees
I'm like a smokestack in the wind
It seems I've spread myself pretty thin
And now the bank has took all I own
One more bad check, it's all gone
It's all gone

Thank you, Jesus
Thank you, Lord
For all these gifts that I can't afford
And take that pretty thing in my bed
Just let me fuel my truck instead
'Cause if the Holy Ghost don't appear
I'm on the next train outta here
I'm out of here

And there were moments in the night
I could've chewed the curtains
And for the first time in my life
I think I knew for certain

I'm not your dog
Your whipping boy
Your squeaky toy
I'm not your ashtray, ashtray heart
Your ashtray heart

I'm not your swag
Your piece of meat
I'm not your freak
I'm not the extra, extra cog
In some big wheel

I'm not your dog

Puppy beg now
Puppy heel
Bring it on, y'all, I can deal
What if the centipede lost a leg?
To make an omelet, break some eggs
And I'm delirious, happy now
Just like your other fine Puppy Chow
Puppy Chow

Now I patrol your garden fence
I've learnt to feign obedience
But in my mind, I still run free
Along the marshes and the beach

with Thomas Dolby

Todd Rundgren: Space Force
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