Look At Me

Composer: Todd Rundgren
Duration: 3:08
Check one two, one two two
All the ladies to the stage
And the Krispy Kremers, there ain't no dreamers but schemers
So get up, get up
Get up, get up
Get up, get up

Bonzai, Excelsior, Geronimo!

Ain't take no tape, shimmy shake, no mistake
Jibber, jabber, Java Hutt
It doesn't matter, shake your butt
Solaceous, [...], she moves me
Good gracious

Biggest show on earth yo
A miracle at birth yo
No you wouldn't want to miss this
Here my ass, you can kiss this
You can't handle my braggin'
I'm a fire breathin' dragon
You don't need to b'lee me
All you gotta do is see me

Look at me, look at me

Check one two, one two
What you gonna do? You?
Yo, this is Money Mike
Coming to you from the LES
Where the girls are fresh
And folks know best
The best MC there will ever be
MC who you be
M C G O D ... D
MC Look at Me

I pick a fight for no reason
But you know I'm just teasin'
I do something you hate yo
Then you tell your friends I'm great yo
I make a spectacle of myself
I'm electrical as all hell
I could make utter shit sell
While I stand on my head as well

Look at me, look at me

Check one two, one two
Take for teh taking is for all of the rest
West coast, east coast, [...]
Jack it up, jack it up, jack it up

I got a technicolor ego
And it goes wherever we go
I set my hair on fire yo
Anything you desire yo
Drop my pants to my knees yeah
If you think that'll please ya
You tell everyone that sees ya
That you needed anesthesia

Look at me, look at me

feat. Michael Holman

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