I Got Your Back

Composer: Todd Rundgren/Damon Riddick
Duration: 3:39
Time's as hard as I've ever seen
Money is scarce, and people get mean
You struggle to stay on your own feet but then
You fall down, you sometimes don't get up again

A brother in need is a brother indeed
The naked to clothe and the hungry to feed
The garden is barren, but I'll plant a seed
I got your back

Pull you out of the gutter and off of the street
I got your back
You get the food off my plate, the shoes off my feet
I got your back

Alright dad, let me squeeze inside this moment of service
I want to give back too
I know, know that you're humble
But I got to, gotta let the world know
I got your back through all the hard times
Call on me when you're looking for the hard vibes
When you're starvin' and you're wishin' on a star
Kid, call on me, no more starvin' the artist
Let go, no more need for the pride, son
Pride before the fall, and it ain't no fun
We got a movement going on
And it's called movin' on through the power of truth
Will you, you ride on the train through
Through the dark times, nitty gritty too
We will, we will feed the hungry
People with the soul and they're searchin' for the wholeness
Whole foods is a state of mind booth
And it starts with a diet made of tender made truths

feat. KK Watson with Dam Funk

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