This Is Not A Drill

Composer: Todd Rundgren/Joe Satriani
Duration: 3:19
This is not a drill, pass it down the line
Keep your voices still, could happen any time
Word came down last night, our enemies advance
If you're itchin' for a fight, well now you get your chance

This is not a drill, we're takin' live fire
Shit has gotten real, threat level can't be higher
The clank of armor plate rollin' down the hill
The horde is at the gate, comin' for the kill

This is not a drill, this is the big show
Our destiny fulfilled, that's all you need to know
We're movin' out at dawn, so clean your weapon well
The happy days are gone, we're headed into hell

This is not a drill, blood is not for show
The sound you hear is real, the fire is down below
If anyone is captured, we take the poison pill
And curse the bloody coward who doesn't have the will

This is not a drill

feat. Joe Satriani with Prairie Prince & Kasim Sulton

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