Buy My T

Composer: Todd Rundgren
Duration: 3:11
t's so perpetual, it's anywhere
Everything's virtual, it's light as air
It's so ephemeral, like it's not there
Need something I can hold
Or maybe something I can wear

Buy my T
Buy my hoodie
You need a souvenir
We got your cotton goodies
I know my limits
I give until I hurt
You can bootleg the music
But you have to buy a shirt

I used to stand in line to buy my shred
I get it from inside my phone instead
If it's a new design, I'll spend the bread
Though I don't own your vinyl
I got your branding on my head

Come on
Buy my T
My cap is fine
If we sell out, you can find
Everything online
We got all sizes
We got 5 X large
That's a limited edition
And will that be cash or charge?

Pushin' cotton, we pushin' cotton

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