Party Liquor

Composer: Todd Rundgren
Duration: 4:17
Todd Rundgren: State
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There is this party, they say I should come by
I'm bad with strangers, but I may give it a try

Sittin' in the corner, and I'm feeling kinda shy
I see someone, but I'm afraid to catch their eye

And in my mind
We'll have a nice time
Drinking fine wine
Then somebody yelled
"Wake up and smell the moonshine"

And the lights got dimmer and began to flicker
Then they broke out the party liquor

When the moment came, I didn't have to trick her
She just threw back that party liquor

This shit gets crazier with every passing hour
I should slow down, but I don't seem to have the power

I'm mixing everything including grape and grain
I'm thinkin' thoughts that I should never entertain

And in my brain
We are so urbane
Oysters and champagne
Then somebody yelled
"Wake up, you must be insane"

Then the loud mouths lose it, and they began to bicker
Over who holds their party liquor

And we all find out just who can get sicker quicker
When they break out the party liquor

While the trash piles higher, and the floor gets slicker
'Cause they spill so much party liquor

And the TV's blaring 'cause they can't find the clicker
Things get so lost on party liquor

(Put your hands in the air)

And the noise grows louder, and the plot gets thicker
As they run out of party liquor

Then I look right at her and begin to snicker
Things get so strange in party liquor

'Cause if I was sober I would never pick her
You do weird things on party liquor

And the rude boys line up to get in her knickers
When she's face down on party liquor

So everybody sing
It's party liquor time!

What Todd has said about the song

"It's kind of inspired by the dark side. Ostensibly, it's about fun, but then things all go to hell during the course of this encounter. The song is probably going to find its ultimate realization in the live context, because when people get into a song like this, there's no telling where I can take it! It's a fairly easy dance setup: the ol' four-on-the-floor bass, with most of the sound coming from the keyboard. There's a bit of a sequenced bass line, too. While it sounds like a lot of playing, there's really very of it — I'm using a synthesizer that has its own built-in step sequencer. So all I have to do is hold down the roots, and it sounds like this whole part is being played. That's really what's happening nowadays — trying to figure out how to turn all the drudgery over to machines so you can have the freedom to do crazy things with the end product."
— Todd Rundgren source:

Todd Rundgren: State
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