Sir Reality

Composer: Todd Rundgren
Duration: 6:22
Todd Rundgren: State
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No one ever lies
No one really dies
Money brings you joy
Girls are girls
And boys are boys
The ocean has no salt
Lack is all your fault
Knowledge comes for free

Sir reality
The truth is plain to see
But you may not agree
Much prefer to be
In sir reality
The truth is plain to see
If you disagree
Then you can call on me
Sir reality

All science is a ploy
A gun's just a toy
Man is born not made
It's good to be afraid
The earth is not so old
The moon is not that cold
The rich deserve to be
Sir reality

What Todd has said about the song

"It makes a good complement to 'Imagination.' In some ways, it's almost a related topic, although it's more about delusion. If it's a solution to the delusion, I don't know. A lot of it's inspired by the milieu that's around you. All during the time that I was wrapping up the album, we were also wrapping up a political season. There seemed to be so much delusion in that entire process. It's certainly courteous to take people at their word, but when you know they're lying, it's no longer courtesy — it's stupid. Just taking people at their word and believing that they believe what they say, in the midst that it's so unbelievable, well, it tends to make you think that people operate under ulterior motives most of the time. Most of the time they're trying to hide something, and either they're hiding it from you or they're trying to hide it from themselves."
— Todd Rundgren source:

Todd Rundgren: State
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