Western Girls

  First of all you have to make enough money
  Get your look right, feel right
  Get yourself into the perfect style
  Wear your heels high
  	and your skirts tight
  Out on the weekend in the city lights
  Showing your friends you can
  	party all night
  But tinsel town at the crack of dawn
  Leaves you cold and wondering
  	where you could belong

  Now you're standing
  	at the fork in the road
  All alone
  	and wondering which way to go
  Any minute something's going to explode

  Break out you western girls
  One day soon you're going to
  	change the world
  Break out you western girls
  Hold your head up high

  Though you think
  	that life will pass you by
  You are fine thing, never say die
  Get your face out of that magazine
  It won't keep you warm,
  	another paper dream
  Another evening in a cafe' for two
  Another memory to haunt you
  Soon he's going to want to take you home
  Darlin' are you better off alone

  The clock is ticking
  	but you still can't decide
  To turn around or go along for the ride
  Make up your mind because there is
  	nowhere to hide

  Where's there's life,
  	there's changes
  Destiny arranges something for you
  	to hold on to

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