Dreams of Ordinary Men

  There is an essence in the water
  There is a spirit in the sky
  There is a spider drawing webs
  To crucify a fly

  The fly is drawing nearer
  Just as if he knew
  How we all must fit the pattern
  How the pattern must fit you

  Everybody say amen
  These are the dreams of ordinary men
  This is the world that we'll be living in
  Out of the dreams of ordinary men

  I mistook all your intentions
  But you never did deceive
  I have a helpless fascination
  For the web you wove for me

  We had nightly public beatings
  But we slept in private hells
  And I feel no guilt or vengeance
  We just couldn't help ourselves

  So what's the answer I have to find
  To change my world like I change my mind
  And change my life
  If I could only change my dreams

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