Hey, hey cowboy, hey cowboy
  Ain't I seen you hanging around the Nashville?
  Didn't you used to be a packy back in the west end?
  Is that right, is that right?
  Well I see you been through so many changes
  Heavy changes
  I can't say I'm hip to where you're coming from
  I can't say I hip to where you're going

  Well I see something's growing in the back of your mind
  I give you the willies
  You don't like my kind
  But I can sing like a jingle
  Sting as bad as any

  Hey, that you? Is that still you?
  You're looking mighty new wave
  I hardly recognize you with that shish kabob through your face
  But that's all right, yeah, that's all right
  I guess you're trying to make a statement
  You been out on the street
  Looking for somebody to carve on
  Well you can ramble,
  Just don't go carving on me

  'Cause I don't mind the fashion
  I've lived with your mind
  I dig on the passions
  The rest is just crap
  I can sing like a jingle
  And sting as bad as any

  Hey, don't I know you?
  Ain't I seen you before?
  Yeah, you're the one doing a pyramid party
  	down in Marina del Ray
  	with their spoon and friends
  Still going through them changes
  You got your pants full of money
  And your nose in the air
  You're a record producer
  I don't really care
  'Cause I can sing like a jingle
  Sting as bad as any

BMI Entry for Wasp
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