I was right the first time
  But I outguessed myself
  You sympathized so sweetly
  When you sent me to hell
  What have I got to complain for
  Had to throw myself overboard
  Like to see that my dues are paid
  It's just the way I was made

  And when I cry, I was burning inside
  You're out there pretending
  And though I lie, I had nothing to hide
  You're the one who's pretending

  I live in anticipation
  Things that never occurred
  Turned my back to the loving ones
  On the strength of your word
  What's the answer I'm looking for
  You mix your meanings with metaphors
  Glass bricks and a ten foot wall
  You really don't care at all

  And when I came to relieve all the pain
  You were somewhere pretending
  And I'm still here, and it's still just as clear
  That you're only pretending

  I believe in believing
  And I hope that there's still hope for me
  'Cause I need to be needing
  And you're free to be free as you please
  But I'm not the kind
  Who can live with life
  And I never could
  'Cause I'm just no good at pretending

  What's the truth after all this time
  Is it your perception or is it mine
  Sometimes you're better off alone
  You can't get blood from a stone

  And while you cry, I'll be laughing inside
  'Cause I know you're pretending
  Look me straight in the eye
  When I tell you good bye
  'Cause I won't be pretending
  You could beg me and fall down on your knees
  But you'd just be pretending
  Maybe someday you'll have something to say
  And you won't be pretending

BMI Entry for Pretending
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