God and Me

  If the devil was a man
  Then he'd probably try to stand between
  God and me
  He would claim to have translation
  For the least communication between
  God and me
  He would scare my friends and neighbors
  Into thinking he was saviour but he
  Won't save me
  He would use his imposition
  To restore the Inquisition then he'd
  Come for me
  I never worry about him
  He'll never get between
  God and me
  He would crush me in his vise
  Singing hail to Jesus Christ but he
  Won't crush me
  With one hand he says brother
  There's an H-bomb in the other but he
  Can't fool me
  He imposes awful taste
  On the remnants of the race
  But he just missed me
  Then he mobilizes minions
  To burn out diverse opinions
  But he can't burn me

  It's nobody's business what goes on
  Inside my head
  Because it's my head

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