My Angel

  Walk the line
  It's not easy
  I must stand alone
  It's the kind of a life I've chosen
  Right or wrong

  I can feel
  Near me always
  Something to live up to
  Someone to depend upon

  When I have fallen from grace
  When I grow weak from the pace
  I can feel the breath of gentle wings on my face

  And when the world closes in around me
  Then my angel
  Will come and roll away the stone
  Like a hand reaching down from the heavens

  And when the darkness falls all around me
  Then my angel
  Will come and draw aside the veil
  I am safe in the arms of my angel

  In my mind I know
  That a pair of sweet eyes is watching me
  Wherever I go

  Is it real?
  Am I dreaming?
  Sometimes I don't know
  But I want to believe it's so
  Let me dream on

  Is it profane or divine
  Am I insane? I feel fine
  I can close my eyes but I still see it shine

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