Rape Of The Young

  Hey Mister Exxon
  	Won't you have pity
  	Won't you have pity on the guiltless ones
  Hey Mister Chrysler
  	Won't you think about it
  	Won't you think about it? Judgment Day has begun
  What will become of tomorrow's children
  Who gives a damn for tomorrow's children
  Pay no mind, you just keep on takin'
  Keep on takin' 'til there's nothing at all
  Sit on your hands and don't say nothin'
  Cover your eyes, you won't see nothin'

  Cry for the innocent sent to war
  	(Don't tell a soul)
  Shed a tear for the one's waiting at the door
  	(They'll never know)
  It's the last generation of a world gone blind
  	(You better watch your tongue)
  It's the violation of the unborn child
  It's the rape of the young

  Hey Mister General
  	Can't you find something
  	Can't you find something else to do for a buck
  Hey Mister President
  	Nobody listens
  	Nobody listens 'til we've run out of luck
  Nobody cares for unborn troubles
  Why should you care, it's too much trouble
  You got yours so it just don't bug ya
  It just don't bug ya 'cause you won't be around

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