Healing Part III

Composer: Todd Rundgren
Duration: 4:39
Listen, listen
Listen to the cry
	of a world that's calling to you
Listen to the cry
	of the helpless souls that need you
Though you may have trepidation
	you can not refuse
You will find your own salvation
	in the path you choose

Listen, listen
Listen to the voice
	that whispers in the silence
Listen as the voice
	solidifies your self reliance
Let the peace that you've discovered
	be a guiding light
Let the cry that you've uncovered
	set the world aright

You could not be closer to your maker
	never more or less alone
If you know thyself
	there's nothing else to know
You are home
Welcome home

Listen, listen
Listen to the sound,
	let nothing disturb you
You are in a place
	where nothing can hurt you
If you feel a strange sensation,
	it can do no harm
Like the spiral of creation,
	it will soon move on

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Todd Rundgren: Healing
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