Healing Part II

Composer: Todd Rundgren
Duration: 7:50
Todd Rundgren: Healing
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Where you are going
	you cannot take your body
You are on a journey,
	the baggage is too heavy

You can leave your legs behind you,
	you will learn to fly
You can leave your arms behind you,
	you will touch the sky
You can leave your head behind you,
	you are thought itself
You can leave the rest behind you,
	you are breath itself

Now you are naked,
	there's no one here to judge you
See the clear light
	shining high above you
Then you're floating in the silence,
	you are not alone
For the power of your being
	keeps you flowing on
	Look upon yourself
	only with compassion
Strip away the shell
	hiding your perfection
Though your past was full of darkness,
	now the past is gone
And your life is starting over
	when it's just begun

Now you are whole,
	don't you recognize it
Towering eternal
	behind the troubled thoughts that hide it
Though at times it seems so distant,
	it is always there
When you need its peace and power,
	you will know it's here

Todd Rundgren: Healing
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