[Awizard] Todd+Healing pre-sale info

Roger D. Linder roger at RoCeMaBra.com
Tue Apr 27 17:43:57 EDT 2010

The following message comes from Rundgren Radio (slightly modified):

The much anticipated pre-sale talk for the Akron show is now here!

Please read this information very carefully and then read it again.

If this pre-sale information is posted publicly on any site such as a
forum/message board, yahoo group, Facebook, MySpace, etc. we will CANCEL the
pre-sale! Don't be "that person". Receiving this e-mail today from our RR
Facebook group page is not the same as posting it on a FB Wall, etc. [This
was approved for Awizard]

We do not want scalpers to get the best seats and we are rewarding the
people that have taken the time to join this group and other fan based
services -- the hardcore fans that want to know anything and everything
about Todd happenings!

So, here's how it's going to work assuming this info does not end up on a
public site. *We will be giving the pre-sale code tonight on
<http://www.facebook.com/l/13b84;RundgrenRadio.com>during our show
which begins at 8:30pm ET
*. The pre-sale will last until midnight ET. If you can't listen, feel free
to find a Todd fan friend to get your tickets for you tonight.

The ticket site offers a "pick a seat" option or you can go with "best
available" if you choose. We recommend "pick a seat". The convenience fee is
only $1.50! You will notice a lot of seats are taken but that is because
Ticketmaster got half of them. We have the best ones but some of them may be
gone depending on how fast you are -- just like any online ticket selling

Keep in mind there are only 20 pit seats and 18 front row orchestra so
everybody can't sit in one of those seats. Any whining about any seats will
be ignored now but remembered next year if we have a 4th B'day Bash :-). The
Akron is a great theatre with tiered seating so there are plenty of great

The link to buy tickets is

We recommend you go to
http://tix.com<http://www.facebook.com/l/13b84;tix.com>today and sign
up for an account so your transaction runs smoother and
faster tonight. International buyers will be able to use the site to buy

Your tickets will have Ticketmaster on them so don't be alarmed when you
receive them. They will be coming from the venue not
Please be patient as it takes time for them to get tickets out the door. The
concert is not until September.

Thanks and best of luck!

Roger D. Linder, The TR-i Fan Formerly known as RDL22
Antelope, CA
Facebook: http://facebook.com/rdlinder
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